• Dec 20, 2016
  • by Karla V
Hoodies are considered a staple in every man's closet. It is a great piece of clothing that not only provides comfort but also enhances one's style. You can wear it on an easygoing day when you simply want to dress down. But you can also wear it when there is an occasion that demands you to dress up. Although this garment is known for its versatility, there are some who regard hoodies as more appropriate to teens and younger boys. On the contrary, if a guy knows how to wear hoodies and look masculine, this piece of clothing can actually do wonders in his get up. 

Hoodie Variants to Choose From

More and more people are becoming fond of this garment which drives tons of brands to come up with their own hoodie designs. These variants come in an array of fits, sizes, and colors. There are also ones with statements or those embellished with images or text.  You will absolutely enjoy the abounding options. However, do not get overwhelmed by these choices. It is imperative that you take into consideration your body type and skin tone when making your selection. Other factors such as age, your usual activities, and the kind of occasion where you plan on wearing the hoodies are also matters that you should be mindful about when picking a hoodie.

Common Types of Hooded Sweater

Zip up, half zip and pull over are the three basic types of a hoodie. The names of these types of hoodie already suggest the garment's physical appearance. Although these types of hoodie only have a slight difference on how they look, each type emits distinct impact when mixed and matched with other garments.

3 Styling Tips on How to Wear Hoodies and Look Masculine

You can look masculine in any outfit so long as you know which style you should apply. It does not matter if hoodies are not as rugged as a leather jacket or as upright as a sports coat. Hoodies have its own way to trickle a guy’s manliness. With the right flair and attitude, machismo is only a piece of cake with hoodies.

Make it sporty

Sporting this look makes a guy hot. It gives an impression that a man is physically active and most girls find this attribute attractive. To look sporty on a hoodie, it is best to go for the zip up type. This type of hoodie looks more laidback than its contemporaries because it is easier to take off. Zip up hoodie also looks cool when you layer it with other garments. It appears more breathable and makes it easier for the wearer to move around. If you regularly go to the gym, you can be clothed in a zip up hoodie as you head to the fitness center and just remove it when you begin warming up. Make sure you have appropriate bottoms to pair it with. Joggers and sporty shorts would look great with a zip up hoodie.

Go layered with a denim jacket

Style your hoodie by layering. A denim jacket is perfect for this purpose. Make sure you go for a light colored one and match it with a dark hoodie. This way, the focus will be on what's inside the denim jacket. For this particular style, zip and pull over hoodies will work. Be careful in picking the colors of your layers. Do not get overly colorful or you'll look like a teenybopper. Rock on your best pair of boots and you are good to go!

Exploit machismo with leather

Get the most of your hoodie by pairing it with a leather jacket. This combination effortlessly magnets attention. A simple shirt underneath a zip hoodie, topped by a leather jacket is just an awesome wardrobe that will surely let you have a taste of machismo like you've never experienced before. Pull over hoodies look just as great with a leather jacket on top of it. For this particular style, both black and lighter color hoodies will work. Avoid wearing bright colored hoodies because these just don't harmonize with a black jacket.

A Guide to Accessorizing Hoodies

If you are thinking of adding up some accessories, it is important to take a thorough look at the hoodie's attributes. Consider its color, pattern, weight and its material. While the other factors may not be too obvious, a mistake on color combination can break your wardrobe. Taking into account that this article of clothing is usually worn with other garments, going for hoodies with just one or two accents is recommended. Hoodies with more than two colors would be too loud. This will not help your goal to take your mannish appeal to the next level.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Hoodie Wardrobe

This entirely depends on whether you want to dress up or dress down. If you want to put on a relaxed air on your wardrobe, a pair of Chuck Taylor will do wonders. On the other hand, wearing a pair of slip-on made of leather will make you look dashing in a rather proper hoodie ensemble. Do not be afraid to try on different footwear when wearing a hoodie. While keeping in mind the prescribed wardrobe at your destination, you can be sprightly in matching up shoes and hoodies.

Final Words on Looking Masculine with Hoodies

Hoodies are capable of exuding the wearer’s masculinity, it is beyond doubt. However, it is all in the hands of the person how he will bring it on. On account of hoodies’ versatility, it will not give anyone a hard time to establish whatever character he wants to corroborate with his wardrobe. While style is an essential part of dressing up, one’s attitude also plays a vital role on how it will come out. Make sure you wear your wardrobe with confidence. Masculinity naturally comes out if the guy has self-esteem. You will exhibit the right attitude if you are certain of your potential and it will surface on your looks without having to try.