• Dec 07, 2016
  • by Karla V
When you are in love, you want the whole world to know about it. This feeling is just so overwhelmingly beautiful that you treasure it with all your heart. There is nothing else in your mind than to keep your partner reminded how much he means to you in any way possible. If you have not thought about it, there is an extraordinary way you can communicate how you feel - through unique hoodie designs for couples! Does it sound new? If you have not heard or seen couple hoodies yet, then you are probably missing out a lot on what’s in when it comes to fashion. Couple hoodies are a trend and this item is selling like a hot cake! Want to know why? Check out the following reasons why sweethearts are going for couple hoodies. 

Why Hoodies for Couples are a Must-Have in Your Closet?

It adds variety.

Hoodie is a basic article of clothing. That being said, you definitely have a lot of hoodies in your closet. It won't hurt to have one that's especially designed for your loved one. When you want to go a bit relaxed and easy-going with your outfit, you can always ask your sweetheart to put on your couple hoodies!

It makes you romantic.

While there are people who can say 'I love you' like a couple of thousand times in a day to their partner, some just have a hard time making it a habit. Supposing you are this type of person, buying couple hoodies will surely demonstrate what your heart says that your mouth cannot speak. It will surely put a smile on your darling's face.

It's an endearing act but not as far-reaching as couple tattoos.

If you think expressing love to the apple of your eye by means of having couple tattoos is too much, then you can simply settle on couple hoodies. This is a cute presentation of your affection that does not go beyond the scale.

It makes a perfect gift.

Regardless of gender, anyone who is in a relationship appreciates receiving a well-thought of present. Whereas pieces of jewelry, flowers, chocolates and expensive bags and shoes are deemed common items given to a loved one, it's always pleasant to be different from time to time. Not only these hoodies are cheaper, there are also tons of unique hoodie designs for couples that you can choose from.

It can be customized.

Unique hoodie designs for couples can be customized. If you want to make it more personalized, simply find a competent provider of customized hoodies. Come up with a design that you think can make your darling feel like he's on cloud nine. If you know the person well enough, you can never go wrong in picking the right concept.

Couple Hoodies Are Adaptable and Practical

When you give your special someone other stuff like a signature bag or an expensive piece of jewelry, there is a certain limitation as to where the person can use it. Couple hoodies can be worn anytime and anywhere. In fact, there is no need for a relevant occasion to give or wear couple hoodies. Its sentimental value will be given more meaning because you get to have it with you as you collect memories together.

4 Ideas on Having Unique Hoodie Designs for Couples

“He Puts Sugar in My Bowl, She Puts Sugar in My Bowl”

While expressing your affection for your other half, you can be a little discreet with this statement on your hoodies. It is not as blunt as 'I love him, he loves me' kind of shirt, but it definitely oozes with sweetness.

"Wifey, Hubby"

This one-word couple hoodie design is perfect for those who do not want to go over-sentimental in making their feelings public. By having the word 'wifey' or 'hubby' on your hoodie, you are claiming that you are already taken. Nobody in a relationship would want their other half denying they are already committed, right?

Animated Couples

Another unique, yet cute way you and your loved one can have your hoodies designed is by including the image of a popular animated couple. You can go for Donald and Daisy Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Peter Pan and Wendy, or Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. The selection is endless. You just have to do your research or think of characters of which story is somehow similar to yours.

"I am Head Over Heels, I am Truly, Madly, Deeply, In love."

These are strong words but if you truly mean it, there is no point not letting the world know how you feel. You may appear cheesy with these words on your hoodies, but that's exactly what makes this design unique. True love deserves no less.

Tips When Purchasing Couple Hoodies with Unique Design

There are many other extraordinary designs that you can come up with for your couple hoodies. You can collaborate with your partner to know which concept the two of you love the most. Couple hoodies are widely available in local stores and online. Do not forget to look into other details apart from the design. It’s imperative that the hoodies you will acquire are made of high-quality materials. The size and fit are matters of concern, too. As you try to speak your love for your partner through unique couple hoodie designs, it’s important that you also get value for money from this item.

Buying Couple Hoodies Online

If you prefer purchasing couple hoodies online, make sure the seller is credible. Spend some time reading reviews or testimonials from previous customers. This way, you will have an idea if the seller provides high-caliber hoodie which you and your partner can use for a long period of time with its beauty still intact. Walk away if you find negative comments coming from former buyers. Inspect the fabric used for the hoodies, as well as the method used for the customization. The printing process utilized should promise not just good looks, but also durability.