• Dec 02, 2016
  • by Karla V
You have invested a lot on your shirts and hoodies. Although these items are not as expensive as a suit or a tuxedo, the amount of money you spent to have them is no joke. For this reason, you need to broaden your knowledge on how you can keep these clothes in good condition. You need tips to long-lasting T-shirts and hoodies. If these items are your favorite, you’ll feel bad losing any of them anytime soon.

How to Spot High-Quality T-Shirts and Hoodies

As previously mentioned, a portion of your hard earned money goes to your T-shirts and hoodies. It's just right to know about the things that make a t-Shirt or a hoodie one that you can consider high-quality. When you set food in a store where T-shirts and hoodies are up for sale, it is imperative that you are armed with the ability to distinguish which items are worth your hard earned money. It is not right to just rely on how great a shirt or a hoodie looks. It's also not proper to make the price when making your selection. The T-shirt or hoodie you will purchase should have all the elements that make the garment an excellent choice.

Type of Fabric

The material used for the T-shirt or hoodie says a lot about its quality. The type of fabric used is also where its comfort relies. So when heading out to the department store, make sure you don't just base your preference on the garment's appearance. Make the most of your sense of touch to identify the strength and comfort of the fabric. While there are many different types of fabric used for hoodies and T-shirt, one that stands out is cotton. Most people go for this fabric because it's not only comforting and pleasing to the eye. Cotton is also characterized by durability. This fabric stays in shape even with frequent use and many washes. Also, it remains attractive despite its age.

Style, Design, and Other Decorative Elements

T-shirt and hoodies manufacturers never run out of style and design ideas. They have to adjust with the evolution of fashion. People demand something different and so the layout of T-shirts and hoodies has to adapt to this clamor. If you prefer T-shirts with added accessories or decorative pieces such as buttons, make sure they are well sewn-on. The stitching has to be perfect, as well, as the patches or badges. Any embellishment added on the shirt should not move around. Invisible seams make these decorative elements more attractive.

Reputation of the Brand

If you are a frequent buyer of T-shirts and hoodies, you have probably tried on different brands. By now, you must have an idea which manufacturers produce T-shirts and hoodies better than the other. In case, you have not tried on a lot just yet, there's no need for you to buy everything. By simply using credible materials as your reference, you'll find out which brands are truly reliable when it comes to producing high-quality T-shirts and hoodies. There are online forums, reviews and other platforms where you can gather information about a particular T-shirt and hoodie maker.

Quality of the Mode of Customization

In this day and age when design a T-shirt or a hoodie has gone a long way, you have an array of customization methods to choose from. There are ones with screen printing, digital printing, iron-on transfer, and embroidery. It is important that you are familiar with these modes of customization's pros and cons before you purchase.Know which one suits your taste the most or goes well with your lifestyle. Research or ask suggestions from your fellow T-shirt and hoodie lovers. There is always information out there which you can use to determine which mode of customization shines the brightest.

Tips to Long-Lasting T-Shirts and Hoodies

Add years to your hoodies and T-shirt through proper care. The following are some tips to long-lasting T-shirts and hoodies which you must keep in mind to further enjoy your favorite garments!
  1. Whenever possible, avoid washing your hoodies every after use. If you only used it for a short period of time and it did not get crummy, simply hang it up for next use. You usually wear your hoodies with an undershirt. It's absolutely okay to be used several times, especially considering that it does not completely touch your skin when you wear it.
  2. Hoodies and T-shirts require gentle cycle washing. Both items need to be washed with care. Laundry detergent that helps keep the garment's color is advised. Also, putting them in a lingerie bag when washing it also suggested. This protects the clothes from any damage that friction with other items can cause in the course of washing.
  3. Treat any form of stain on your T-shirt or hoodie by putting a small amount of mild detergent into the stained area. Practice spot-cleaning before washing.
  4. You should make it a habit hanging your hoodies after washing. It's better to try this garment this way rather than putting it in the dryer. Hanging up the garment to make it dry preserves its good shape.
  5. Always refer to the washing and drying instructions which you can find on the label of the shirt or hoodie.
  6. Separate your white hoodies and T-shirt from the colored ones. This protects them from having stains from the other clothes' color.
  7. Never iron the part of your T-shirt or hoodie with embroidery or prints.\
  8. To make your hoodie's life longer, make sure you keep it in a place that is dry, cool and dark, especially when the weather is warm. Air drying is also one way you can preserve your hoodie.
  9. You may use a garment bag for added protection for your beloved T-shirt or hoodie.
T-shirts and hoodies are articles of clothing that are best providers of comfort. In return the soothing service and sense of style these items endow you with; it is only right that you treat them with utmost care. Do not forget these tips to long-lasting T-shirts and hoodies and you will surely make the most of your favorite comfort clothes.