• Nov 28, 2016
  • by Karla V
If you're looking for the ultimate guide to wearing your hoodie fashionably, you have come to the right place! It's time you perk up your look and make a statement with your hoodies, which you never thought can make a great fashion piece!

Why Wear A Hoodie?

Before we get into some tips to becoming fashionably presentable with your hoodies, let us first toss around why you should have at least one hooded sweater in your closet.

It makes you feel warm.

The primary function of a hoodie is to provide warmth. It's a perfect companion during cold seasons. Even on a cool summer night, you can put on a hoodie be protected from the evening's coldness. Hoodies are way more attractive compared to a knit jumper. You would not want to look shoddy on a dressy vest so you might as well go for a hoodie.

It provides comfort.

Wearing a hoodie keeps your body at ease. It's like you are surrounded by a cozy blanket whenever you wear this apparel. Provided you pick one that is lightweight, you will absolutely delight in its coziness. These hoodies usually come with many great features to further take your wearing experience to the next level. To name a few are earbud loops, sunglass holder, water-resistant pockets and a lot more!

It is flexible.

Hoodie is something you can wear on almost any occasion. Provided you opt for a hoodie that does not look too rugged, this piece can serve you in many different circumstances. You can wear it when you work out, when you head to your workplace, or whenever you just feel like wearing it and you'd still feel good and appropriate.

It is fashionable.

Hoodies can further improve the looks of your attire. It can be worn with tons of different apparel and it won't lose its character. It's also a timeless piece. Hoodies never go out of fashion. It's also an 'in' thing, but most of the time, it's how you carry it that makes a hoodie an excellent fashion cloth.

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Your Hoodie Fashionably and Confidently

When you wear a plain hoodie, you will look like you just finished working out or just had a stroll in a park on a brisk day. But putting it on with the right accessories, attire and attitude, you'll look like a model on the ramp! Well, looking like a model is an overstatement. It’s more of looking like you are up-to-the-minute when it comes to fashion. It is simply showcasing your ability to turn a simple outfit into one that will pleasingly attract attention.

Come up with trendy layers.

Layering makes the most of your hoodie. It gives prominence to your creativity and allows you to mix and match clothes of different colors and textures. If you will use this clothing method, make sure your hoodies are not extremely thick. It will be difficult to layer your hoodie if it is already stumpy. Allow some room for the additional garment as this lessens the athletic appearance of the hoodie and provides a unique appeal that works well for both men and women.

Be playful with your combination.

Do not be afraid to mix and match. Even if a hoodie typically looks athletic, girls should not fear to pair it with a dress. You'll never know how cute your ensemble will appear when you wear a zip-up hoodie on top of your dress. Just make sure you will not ruin the look of your dress when you zip up the hoodie. You can leave it open to still keep your figure in view.

Accessorize your ensemble.

Make sure you've got yourself a really nice pair of shoes to go with your hoodie attire. Add an accent to your ensemble by accessorizing. You can use a scarf to put more character into your wardrobe. Be creative in mixing and matching colors. Color-blocking or using opposite colors can add more flare to your outfit. An excellent combination of colors can also give life to your dull-looking hoodies. So if you are thinking of getting rid of your sluggish hooded sweater, think twice! You would not know how good it will look once worn with the right accessories!

Pair it with stylish bottoms.

There is no point pairing your hoodie with a more inferior bottom. You already went low-key when you opted to wear a hoodie. You will miss your chance of making it a stylish choice if you erringly match it with inappropriate bottom clothes. Ladies can pair their hoodies with sexy skinny jeans. It will also look stunning with a chic mini skirt. If girls want to establish a mannish look on their outfit, they can top their hoodie with a trench coat. Meanwhile, men should be careful on choosing their bottom clothes when wearing a hoodie. If the hoodie is one that is thick and looks heavy, it is advised to wear a pair of chunky jeans. If the hoodie is light and thin, men should go for a slimmer pair of jeans.

Wear it with confidence.

Most importantly, your hoodie has to be worn with confidence. No matter how stylish you think your ensemble is, it will not look appealing if you don’t carry it with a positive air. Knowing you choose your clothes with your asset displayed and your flaws concealed, your confidence will ooze without having to try too hard.

Underscore your assets.

Highlight your strength by knowing which color complements your skin tone. It is also important to be mindful of your body shape. Make sure the hoodie you will pick will flatter your figure's strongest points. Once you distinguished the elements that accentuate your assets, you will surely get flattering comments from your colleagues whenever you wear your hoodie. The market offers quite a lot of hoodies for different body types and design preferences. With your keen eye for details, you can easily spot the perfect hooded sweater that will meet all your requirements.