• Dec 09, 2016
  • by Karla V
Admit it or not, you are not always in the mood to wear overly womanly stuff. Sometimes, you get sick of dresses and all those fancy outfits that make you look like a walking Christmas tree. Enough of your inordinately embellished clothes that make you look heavier than your actual weight. It’s time to unleash the sexy side of you without trying too hard. With these T-shirt fashion ideas that make a woman sexy, you will surprise everyone with your effortlessly chic attire! 

Almost Formal

With a plain T-shirt underneath your blazer, you will surely turn heads toward your direction. Make sure you tuck your shirt in your pencil skirt to emphasize your figure while still leaving something to the spectator's imagination. Don't forget to sport your sexiest heels to complete this look. Accessorized with a necklace and ensure your lips are red!

Simply Glamorous

You will be surprised how glamorous your T-shirt would look when paired with flashy bottoms. Make sure there's a contrast in the fabrics' texture and color to arrive at a strong fashion statement. A plain, oversized white T-shirt matched with skinny, leather jeans absolutely rock. Perk up the ensemble with a trendy pair of stiletto heels and you are on your way to collecting praises from your colleagues.

T-shirt Dress

Find yourself an over-sized T-shirt. It should be long enough not to expose your undies but short enough to bare your thighs. While putting your upper body undercover, your legs are drawing attention. There's nothing sexier than knowing onlookers are begging to see more! Make them even more head over heels by matching the shirt with a cool and comfy pair of sneakers. Heels work well with the T-shirt dress, too. Just make sure you walk with confidence when you wear it or you'll look like you just gotten out of bed!

Swag and Casual

On days you do not feel like doing anything, even dressing up, going swag and casual with your T-shirt is fine. But of course, the goal still has to be being sexy! How do you do it? Put on your ripped jeans. It has to be one that reveals some skin. Wear espadrilles or a really nice pair of sneakers. Complete the charisma with sunglasses. How could anyone resist staring at you?

Lightly Ladylike

For days you feel like putting on a skirt, but you don't want to be excessively ladylike, balance the attire by wearing a T-shirt. The top will give a laidback accent to your wardrobe without destroying its sexy appearance. You can put a blazer to further glam up the attire or leave the T-shirt-skirt tandem as it is. If you are opting for the latter, make it a point to wear fashion accessories, either a chunky pair of earrings or a necklace with a prominent pendant. This way, you are making up for the modesty of your top. If you plan on wearing a blazer on top of the shirt, go for simpler pieces of accessories.

Bare Shoulder

Pull one sleeve of your oversized T-shirt to bare your shoulder. Let your hair fall on your shoulders for an added appeal. A T-shirt worn off the shoulder works well with almost any kind of bottom. It will look fantastic with skinny jeans, or with equally oversized pants. To bring out your sexy side on this wardrobe, go for pumps or stiletto heels.

Jumpsuit Match

Be sexy and playful wearing your T-shirt along with denim overalls or a jumpsuit. As these outfits make you seem a few years younger, your whimsical trait is given prominence. The innocence this wardrobe supplies you with boosts your sexiness that is definitely hard to ignore.

Careless Approach

Dress like you do not care with just your T-shirt and denim shorts. Either you go for gladiator sandals or stiletto heels; you'll never go wrong with this fashion idea especially when aiming for sexiness. A comfy shirt matched with sassy shorts is always hot. For this attire, all you need is supplement it with a stylish bag and you're good to go.

T-Shirt Fashion Ideas That Make a Woman Sexy - Essential Accessories

To make the most of your T-shirt fashion experience, it's a must to know the accessories necessary to spice up the look. Make use of the following ideas as inspiration.

A hat

You're too tired to dress up that is why you opted to just wear a T-shirt. There's no denying that you are also not in the mood to fix your hair. Solve the problem by wearing a stylish hat! No matter which T-shirt fashion idea you go for, there's always a hat that will complement the look. It can be a newsboy cap, a bucket hat, baseball caps or fedora hat. Just make sure your facial asset will be accentuated with your chosen hat.


If becoming stylish and sexy is your goal, then you should have a nice belt to wear your T-shirt with. Fashion belts like a narrow one, chain belt, jeans belt and many others, help bring attention to your figure even if your shirt is not tight-fitting.


A scarf is also a great accessory you can wear when sporting a T-shirt outfit. The trick to a winning scarf-shirt tandem is pairing the right designs. A plain T-shirt will look wonderful with a scarf with complex design. T-shirt is indeed a very versatile garment every woman should invest in. If you do not practice creativity and amplify your sense of fashion, you will not realize its potential to make you look sexy and fabulous! Never stop looking for fashion inspiration whenever you start getting bored with all that’s in your closet. Seek tips from celebrities you are looking up to or just look around! Keep your eyes open on what is trendy and not. Leaf through fashion websites and find cool ideas. Everybody wears a T-shirt and more often than not, people find a way to transform it from looking plain to becoming a fashion extraordinaire.