• Dec 17, 2016
  • by Karla V
Statement shirts have been around for a number of years already. Since these items can still be found in local stores and online shops, there is no question that a lot of people are still enjoying statement shirts. While this article of clothing has some advantages, there are a few statement shirts you should not dare wear. 

Foul Statement Shirts You Should Not Dare Wear

Keep your cool with statement shirts by avoiding designs that speak the following:

Your Negative Thoughts

No matter how bad your day has been, there is no point wearing a shirt with a negative statement like 'another day, another disaster'. You should spread positivity and not the other way around. You might bump into someone who just had a bad day. Imagine how terrible he would feel upon seeing what’s on your T-shirt.

Your Imperfections

Seriously, why do you have to tell the world you are 'unemployed' or you have just been 'kicked out of school'? Is there anything to be proud about these situations? These are actually circumstances that could have been avoided if you did your part. What if a young child sees you wearing it? Do you think your shirt will have a good impact on the child's way thinking?

Your bad habits

Shirts with statements 'nice people take drugs' or 'I smoke weeds everyday' should not have a room in your closet. It's a waste of money and a self-destructing garment. You're not only encouraging the young ones to do the same, you are also making people know that they should not trust you. Or not even get close to you.

Your personal issues

So your relationship is a mess. Will it change if you tell the world you're on it? Why spend your hard earned money for a shirt with 'I cheated on my wife' or 'I am a cheater' statement? These are things that will not help you gain respect. It will only change the way people look at you. Supposing you really cheated on the person you had a relationship with, work on how you can improve your situation that dwell on it and keep on being reminded of what you did wrong.

Your hostile behavior

'I'm going to punch you' or any other statement of this kind are inappropriate customized T-shirt designs.  Wearing it is like inviting trouble. You'll never know when you will encounter someone who has more aggressive behavior than yours. If you don't want to appear like you do not want to be friends with anyone, avoid this design on your t-shirt.

Anti-Christian Shirts

Religion is not something that you should not take seriously. People value their beliefs to a great extent and they do not want anybody disrespecting their religion. If there is something else you believe in that opposes that of the other people, better keep it to yourself.

Your sexual fantasies

Sex and sexual preferences are matters that are supposed to be private. Avoid statement shirts that talk about your sexual fantasies. Do not take ones with sex-related graphics. Before you know it, people will start to avoid you because they think you are a maniac or you are not in the right state of mind to wear something like that.

Hate Shirts

Refrain from wearing hate T-shirts, especially ones that curse. As the saying goes, you are what you wear. You are only destroying your image with this kind of clothing. In a way, this type or statement shirt also mirrors how you were raised. You don't want to hear unflattering remarks about your roots.

Benefits of a Statement Shirt

With the right choices of designs, a statement shirt can actually be advantageous. Below are some of the great things about this trend that shirt lovers should not miss.

They make a great present no matter regardless of the occasion.

Because there are tons of statement shirt designs to choose from, it is easy to find one that suits anybody’s personality. There’s definitely a design that goes well with the occasion, too. If you can’t find the exact statement that you want, you can have it customized in a physical store or online shops.

They are perfect for reunions and other events.

Statement shirts are commonly used in reunions and other special gatherings where the attendees wish to be clothed in uniform. You can have the shirt printed with a statement that talks about the kind of gathering you will have or the person who will be celebrating a special life event.

Statement shirts are a versatile fashion item.

You can style with a statement shirt through a number of ways. By means of mix and match it with almost anything in your closet. You can go casual with this item or sport it in a formal occasion. It’s just a matter of picking the right pair and accessories.

They make a great instrument in expressing oneself.

There are times you just wake up wanting to express something. Life events such as discovering a new hobby, meeting a new friend or starting a new romantic relationship are exciting circumstances people sometimes cannot resist to tell the world. It’s good that there is a statement shirt which is a brilliant concept that lets everyone convey these emotions. Statement shirts, provided that the designs you will choose are not offensive, are great apparel that can add variety to your closet. It comes in various fit, materials, colors, graphics and text. It is also widely available in the market and it’s impossible not to find one that will please you.  Nevertheless, keep in mind that personal preference is not always the thing with statement shirts. When you wear it, a lot of people can see it so you have to be responsible in what your clothes will feed them. Make it a point that your shirt does not hurt anyone’s feelings. See to it that it’s not insulting and rude. You can enjoy your statement shirt to its potential without crossing the boundaries.