• Dec 13, 2016
  • by Karla V
From the moment the customized T-shirt was introduced in the market right up to this very day, this item remains one of the hottest trends. Who would not love having a garment with a personal touch? Whether you received it as a gift or you personally bought it for yourself, there's something special about wearing customized T-shirts. While everybody already seems to have this type of garment, here's the list of what you need to know about customized T-shirts in case you'll planning to have one soon. 

What You Need to Know About Customized T-Shirt - A Guide to Finding the Best Customized T-Shirt

If this is your first time to shop for a customized T-shirt, you might get overwhelmed with the number of options you have. Whether you make your purchase at the comfort of your home through your internet access, or you buy it from a local store, there are definitely things that need consideration. You don't just pick the first customized T-shirt you find. Savor the options and check on its quality.

Types of T-shirt Printing Method

When you set foot in any customized T-shirt store or you leaf through a website where this product is sold, you'll be amazed at the number of choices you have in terms of design. But first-time shoppers of customized T-shirts are usually not aware how these designs are made. You must be aware of the different types of t-shirt printing method before you shop. This way, you'll know which among these printing procedures offer the most durable and attractive end product.
  • Screen Printing or Silk Screen This method of T-shirt printing is considered the most popular. It involves usage of inks and chemically treated mesh screens, which enables an image to get printed on the fabric by means of burning.
  • Digital Printing Digital printing is also known as direct to garment printing or DTG printing. The image is placed on the fabric by using inkjet printers equipped with inkjet textile inks.
  • Heat Transfer This process involves printing the design on a specialty paper and transferring it to the fabric using a heat press machine.
  • Hand Painting Hand painting on T-shirt is done by means of spray painting or airbrushing.


Different fabrics are used in making a T-shirt. When shopping for a customized one, keep an eye on the material that makes up the shirt. Consider the purpose that you have in mind about why you will buy a customized T-shirt. Are you going to wear it for a casual affair? Do you want to have a customized T-shirt for the warm weather? Are you the athletic type or you're always in a business gathering? There is absolutely one type of fabric that will match your preference and lifestyle. Take a look at some of the most popular customized T-shirt fabrics below.
  • Cotton As you are probably expecting, cotton is one of the best choices when it comes of customized T-shirt fabrics. This material is soft and breathable - the very same reasons why most people prefer wearing a shirt. Cotton stays in shape and does not wrinkle even with frequent use. The types of cotton used for customized T-shirt are organic, combed, slub, and suprima cotton.
  • Polyester Polyester is also an excellent T-shirt fabric characterized by durability. It can also tolerate repeated use and abuse. Polyester has a way to resist stretching. It is washing machine-friendly and it gets dry quite faster than the other types of fabric. Polyester is best for athletic individuals who want to try on customized T-shirts.
  • Linen Another type of fabric used for customized shirts is linen, which is derived from the flax plant. If you want your T-shirt to be lightweight and breathable, this fabric makes an excellent choice. Customized T-shirts made of linen are perfect for individuals who are fond of outdoor activities, especially during summer.

Design and Style

Before you head to a store to shop for customized T-shirts, it is imperative that you have a design and style in mind. Stick to this preference so you will not feel any remorse when you've already spent your hard earned money for it.


Be certain of your size and your preferred tightness when choosing a customized T-shirt. You don't want to look like a fashion victim with a shirt that is a couple of sizes bigger than your actual dimension or one that's too tight. You are not only making yourself look funny with these mistakes, you are also defeating the purpose of wearing a shirt which is to be comfortable. Keep an eye on the details of the shirt's fit like its tightness, shoulder seams, length, and sleeves. This is not much of a problem if you are going to buy in a local store. Extra precaution is necessary when buying online. Make sure the actual size of the customized T-shirt is clearly stated online so it'll look perfectly suited to your body. Also, be mindful of the type of collar or neckline of the T-shirt you will purchase. Know whether it's the v-neck or crew neck collar that underscores your physical asset.


Choosing a color for your customized T-shirt should be dependent on your skin tone. The classic shirts are usually ones that come in solid colors like white, gray, black and navy. Plain shirts are the common type used for customized shirts. But if you are in the mood to be a little playful, you may also go for ones with stripes or any other pattern.


Graphics are the heart of customized shirts. It can either be an image or text. When choosing a graphic design for customized shirts, everything is acceptable. It basically depends on your personality and character. Of course, going for offensive designs is not tolerated especially because there are tons of unobjectionable designs to choose from. You can express yourself by having an image of the things you like to do most on your shirt. Your favorite basketball team, the sports you play, your hobby or even your favorite quote all make a great customized T-shirt design.