• Dec 21, 2016
  • by Karla V
You go to work every day and you stay at the office for like 8 hours or so. Whenever you go to the washroom and see yourself in the mirror, are you still happy with your outfit? Just like all the working ladies out there, you must also be getting bored with your office wardrobe. You may get a little tired with your button-ups with collar or suit. It's understandable since you are also surrounded by people wearing the same thing every day. So why not shift your style and try on something different? How about wearing a customized t-shirt for work? If this sounds weird, take a look at the tips below so you'll know how to make your customized t-shirt appropriate for work. 

5 Styling Tips on How to Make Your Customized T-Shirt Appropriate for Work

With a Top Coat

Add spice to your office wardrobe by wearing a customized t-shirt with an oversized top coat. Pair this combination with skinny pants along with your stiletto heels. Your boss will definitely commend you not only for your great work but also for a job well done on your wardrobe.

Supplement it with a Cardigan

Find a cardigan that complements the color of your customized t-shirt. Match it with a pair of soft fabric square pants and tuck your shirt in. By wearing a comfy pair of flats, this eye-candy ensemble will surely make your co-workers delighted to have you around.

Get Dressy with a Dress

Customized shirt under a shirt dress is another appropriate attire for work. Wear your espadrilles with this outfit and you'll definitely receive flattering comments from your clients. This is not only a stylish ensemble that would highlight your femininity; it's also one comfy ensemble that'll keep you well-disposed the entire day.

Combine it with Prints

Supposing your customized shirt is not overly decorated, you can have it paired with printed pants. Make sure you go for a bottom garment that is made of breathable fabric to maintain the mellow look of this wardrobe. Put on your trendy wedges to wrap up this stylish ensemble and still look presentable when your boss calls for a meeting.

Suit it Up with Utility Jacket

One of the best tricks to making your customized shirt appropriate for work is layering. And utility jacket happens to be a great item when styling with layers. Your customized t-shirt will have a different allure when you pair it with a printed midi skirt and finish off the ensemble with a utility jacket. Don't miss out on a nice pair of heels to further beautify this outfit.

Spotting the Best Customized T-Shirt

Now that you have learned that customized shirts can be worn at work, you've probably realized how versatile this article of clothing really is. In case you feel the need to buy more customized t-shirts in the near future, it is important that you know how the best of its kind can be acquired. Check the tips below!

Where to Buy?

Customized t-shirts are widely available nowadays. More and more people are learning to appreciate this garment, which urges T-shirt manufacturers and even small business owners to come up with their own line of this product. In fact, when you set foot in a bazaar or at the mall, you won't have a hard time spotting customized T-shirts on display. Even if you just browse the internet at the comforts of your home, you'll bump with a number of customized t-shirt sellers online. It is strongly advised not to do your customized t-shirt shopping on an impulse. You have to do your homework first so you’ll know which particular brand will provide the most value for your money. Take advantage of your internet to know which shop sells the best-customized shirts. Consider the feedback from those who have tried the product.

Attributes to Look For

T-shirts are customized in a number of ways. It's important to know which particular modification method you want to have for your shirt.  Some of the most common types of customized t-shirt are screen printed, embroidered and electronically printed. Before you purchase, find out which among these types is the most durable and favorable in terms of aesthetics.

Material Choice

Customized t-shirts are favored not just because of its outward appearance, but also for the comfort it brings. If you fail to pick the right fabric, you are not likely to enjoy this beneficial t-shirt attribute. For most people, cotton is the best fabric in terms of comfort and durability. It is also liked by many because it remains in shape even with frequent use.


Some sellers let their buyers design their own shirt. You only have to relay your concept to them and they’ll deliver exactly how you want your t-shirt to come out. This means you have all the freedom to select the design of your customized t-shirt. It is up to you which image or text you want to appear on it. But in case you don’t have any design concept in mind, you can delight in tons of layouts the customized t-shirt industry readily have for you.


Just like when purchasing an ordinary t-shirt, the fit is also essential in spotting the best-customized shirt. No matter how beautiful the design you have chosen, you will fail to exhibit its exquisiteness with grace if it does not fit well. It needs to be appropriate to your body type. Your customized t-shirt must emphasize your body’s strongest points. If you are to purchase your customized t-shirt from a local store, it is best to fit it and see if it flatters your body. In case you will carry out the acquisition through the internet, be certain of the t-shirt’s dimension. Remember, even if a t-shirt is not as glamorous as a suit or tuxedo, there is no excuse for looking lousy. You have the power to look smart and stylish on a customized t-shirt so don’t overlook your chance to find a really good one.