• Dec 04, 2016
  • by Karla V
T-shirts and hoodies are basic clothes which you usually wear for comfort. But when it comes to dressing up, it's not only comfort that matters. You need to look presentable and conforming to the latest in trend. In this day and age, you have to get your appearance in order. Of course, the old saying that 'real beauty comes from within' is still a doctrine. But times have changed and everyone has to adapt to these changes. You need to give your physical appearance some importance especially if your job entails dealing with the public. Dressing up smartly and fashionably is necessary to attract people and opportunities. Knowing how to look chic on a T-shirt and hoodie, it'll be easier for you dress up in style without having to take away your favorite apparel. 

So how to look chic on a T-shirt and hoodie?

Now that you have been reminded of the significance of dressing up appropriately, you are probably thinking of ways on how to look chic on a T-shirt and a hoodie. If you are the kind of person whose closet contains a lot of these items, then cheer up! There are tons of ideas which you can use to come up with really fashionable outfit using your T-shirts and hoodies.

Look stunning with your T-shirt

Enough of your ‘dull-looking T-shirt paired with an equally boring pair of pants’ look. You must give your wardrobe a facelift and there’s no better time for it than NOW! There is no excuse for letting yourself become a fashion victim. Even if your wallet does not seem to have enough to perk up your style, you can still achieve a better get up through practical ways. What you have in your closet is sufficient enough to bring forth attractive wardrobe perfect for work, hanging out and all other occasions.

Treat your T-shirt as if it's a blouse

Even if it's just a T-shirt, it does not mean you should solely use it as such. Be playful with this garment and you'll surely find many possibilities. Treat it like a blouse to look chic. A way you can deliver this idea is by wearing it under a cropped jacket, paired with a high-waist shirt. Make sure you tuck the shirt in to highlight your figure. Wear knee-high boots to put in more character into the ensemble.

Wear it to neutralize overly glamorous attire

Your closet surely has glittery and over-embellished items which you only wear on certain occasions. Why not use your T-shirt to reduce these clothes' highfaluting impact. An elegant blazer, which you thought you can only wear on events as grand as the Oscar Awards can actually be used for simpler affairs. How? Find a plain T-shirt and wear the blazer on top of it. A pair of leather pants would look good with this layered top. Put on your boots or any other high-heels you have to add a feminine, but an edgy touch to the wardrobe.

Go for cool customized shirts with brainy design

Don't let spectators question your character by wearing shirts with a mindless and foolish image or statement. Brainy is always chic. With a well-chosen design, your customized T-shirt will surely make your attire stylish. Pair it with a cuffed jeans and a modish footwear and you are on your way to attracting everyone's attention.

Pep up the way you wear your hoodie

So you've got some hoodies inside your closet but you don't use them as much. You might find your hoodies lifeless and uninteresting. Apart from the cold weather, you cannot see any other reason why you should be wearing them. If this is how you look at your hoodies, the following fashion ideas will surely bring a smile on your face. You will not be looking at your hoodies the same way again! It’s time you discover how the hoodies you did not think highly of can potentially become your favorite fashion pieces.

Go for the skirt

It's surprising how an earth-colored hoodie can actually look great with a printed skirt. While the skirt provides a womanly elegance, the street style charm that the hoodie provides balances the look. Make sure you wear this outfit along with boots to make the statement stronger.

Be sexy with a cropped hoodie

You'll definitely turn heads in your direction if you wear a cropped hoodie with a pair of high-waisted, dark-colored skinny jeans. As you put your midriff into view, you are leaving some to the spectators' imagination making this outfit truly interesting.

Savor the sporty look

Hoodies naturally look sporty. But if you wear it with a beanie and stylish sneakers, you will surely gain praises from your colleagues. This outfit is not only comfortable; it's also one that effortlessly brings out your natural glamor.

Add some mannish touch

Making your outfit a little manly will not hurt. On the contrary, It can actually make you even more chic! Simply put on a trench coat over your hoodie. Combine it with black leggings and plain white sneakers and you're on your way to getting compliments.

Get dressed in a dress

If you are used to wearing a cardigan to add spice to your dress, try on your hoodie this time. You'll be pleased to know that these articles of clothing work well with each other. The hoodie on top of the dress adds a different kind of accent to the ensemble that is refreshing. It’s not a usual sight but it makes the wearer exude with a chic appeal that is modern but at the same time, conservative and smart.

More layers!

You can team your hoodie with a biker vest or a biker jacket. A leather jacket also works well when paired with a hoodie. Don't forget to pick a stylish bottom to complete the trendy look you want to achieve. These are just a few ideas you can count on to make the most of your hoodies and T-shirt. Keep in mind that comfort should not sacrifice style. You can have both with just a little creativity and openness to try on something new.