• Nov 28, 2016
  • by Karla V
So you are heading out to the mall to buy a shirt and you are thinking how to pick the best T-shirt for you. You suddenly wonder if the ones you have in your closet are the best of its kind. You start to ask yourself if there is one out there of which characteristics perfectly suit your taste. If this is your case, start to mull over the options available. You need to explore your shirt choices. The market offers millions of t-shirts you can choose from. It's impossible not to find that particular item which is in tune with your preferences. Picking a T-shirt actually depends on your purpose. There is a reason why you want to wear a shirt and it can be either you need it as an undershirt, or you simply feel more comfortable wearing it as your primary outfit.

T-Shirt As Your Undergarment

People wear undershirts for three common reasons:
  1. Undershirts provide warmth during cold weather.
  2. It also saves the dress shirt from the wearer’s sweat. An undershirt also protects it from getting stained by deodorant.
  3. There are certain undershirts which can keep the moisture off the body.
For the purpose of using a T-shirt as an undergarment, there are only two things to be taken into consideration: comfort and quality. Using this apparel as an undergarment does not fully expose the shirt. Therefore, the buyer’s utmost concern should be its coziness and durability. It’s a garment people frequently use and it’s not at all practical to settle on ones that can get easily tattered.

T-Shirt As Your Top

There is no question you are a T-shirt lover! You are reading this article and it’s okey-dokey to assume you are accustomed to wearing this type of garment. Well, who would not love T-shirts? Even the some of the richest people like Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin, and Mark Zuckerberg were seen wearing a T-shirt for a number of times.

Common Reasons Why Many Individuals Prefer Wearing a T-Shirt

It is affordable and low-maintenance.

Unlike a suit, Tuxedo or coat, T-shirts are affordable. Everybody can manage to buy a shirt or even multiple shirts at a time. T-shirts also require less maintenance. This garment does not have to be dry-cleaned or pressed. You do not have to follow any special instruction when washing it. How good is it to have such a pleasant ‘wash and wear’ type of clothing?

It makes people indistinguishable.

If you are the kind of person who hates stereotyping, then you will definitely love seeing a bunch of people wearing T-shirts. In this day and age, material things and status symbols are given more attention than the person's character. It’s a breath of fresh air being a part of a crowd where no one seems higher than the other. Both rich and poor thrive with T-shirt and if you are doting for equality, wearing a shirt definitely pleases you.

It's a form of expression.

Statement T-shirts continue to emerge. For people who just love expressing their sentiments, the rise of this type of shirt is a favored circumstance. There are different kinds of T-shirt printing. To name a few are screen printing, digital printing, and four-color process printing. All these let you choose which design you want to have printed on your shirt.

It is exceptionally comfortable.

You cannot compare a T-shirt to any other garments when it comes to comfort. It's breathable and lets you move freely. No matter the occasion and the weather, a T-shirt is the kind of apparel you would always want to include in your outfit.

It is simply fashionable.

Fashion does not always mean ‘expensive’. It does not denote that one has to wear ‘designer’ clothes to be considered fashionable. You can never go wrong with a neat T-shirt matched with stylish bottoms. By adding up some trendy accessories on your getup, your T-shirt can transform into a truly voguish fashion piece.

Tips on How to Pick the Best T-Shirt for You

  1. The different types of T-shirt include the classic t-shirt, round necks, V-necks, scoop necks, long-sleeved, and sleeveless shirts. It's important that you know about these types so you can choose which one suits your occasion and preference. If you have not tried it, particularly ones with different collars, you should consider trying out on them. Some types of shirt look good on a certain body frame. Check them out to see which one looks best on you.
  2. Check on how the T-shirt fits. Different shirts fit in different manners. There are loose shirts and tight-fitting ones. Average fit shirts are available, as well. Keep in mind that your physique matters a lot on how good you will look on your chosen shirt. Do not go for a tight-fitting shirt if this will only give prominence to your bulges. Pick a shirt that will cover your flaw and highlight your asset.
  3. Inspect the fabric. You love wearing T-shirt because of the comfort it brings. Its fabric says a lot how much you will enjoy wearing this garment. The most popular T-shirt fabric choice is cotton. Due to its coziness and attractive fit, cotton happens to be most wearers’ favorite. Other materials used for T-shirt such as satin, silk and, nylon.
  4. Keep an eye on its quality. You should know which fabrics are durable and stay in shape for a longer time. Research can help you find which T-shirt brands offer high-quality shirt. Leaf through T-shirt reviews or join in online forums. By checking on these materials, you will have an idea which manufacturers produce a high-caliber shirt which can put up with frequent use.
  5. Choose a design that complements your features. On account of the number of choices available, picking a T-shirt design can be overwhelming. It’s okay to go for shirts that communicate the kind of person you are. Do not forget that proper grooming is imperative. You must be mindful of how you will look on the design you will choose. Opt for a T-shirt with a design that emphasizes your assets and not your flaws.