• Dec 10, 2016
  • by Karla V
What if you're a passionate hoodies fan just like us? Well, we've prepared this article just for you, as we don't want you to have lousy time during the travelling of your life. We know how it can be, and having a large selection of hoodies can really have a high-impact on the right choice.  Whether are you on the side of the zip-up sweaters or pullover hoodies, we have something for you. Sit tight and find out what are the upsides of the traveling with hoodies, but also downsides of having them with you. There is nothing better than vacation after harder weeks and months. The fresh air, the mountains, the beach, the ocean, the sports activities, all of that is more than welcome after the hard months of the hard work. It all sounds quite great, but choosing the right apparel for your luggage can be a quite difficult task. How about Hoodies? We never know what weather we will have wherever we are. In one day we might be roasting in the sun and the next day freezing to death. Shopping for the right apparel can be extremely complicated, especially if we're going to a place that we've never visited before, place that we only heard rumors about, especially online, where we can't trust everything. Also, many places carry different cultural differences that can come in conflict with our clothing style if it's inappropriate for a certain country. What we can do is, get the best of the necessary information for ourselves, and hope that we can still find a perfect combination to guide us on the trip. As trips are important, they relieve us from the hard time, and being in the right clothes at that time is nothing less than a blessing itself.

Hoodies on the Ocean

Sea and Cotton go together in many ways. However, it's very hard to decide that. The hot weather of the sea often gives a misleading message to those who watch our style. We will show you here the good side of wearing hoodies even in the summer, even on the sea, even on the sand that gets in our feet. Ocean like ambient ring bells for hoodies in vibrant colors, such as red, pink, yellow, baby green. Also they are great to combine with jelly made bags and wedges. Best solution would be wearing zip up hoodies over a bikini with some kind of summer prints such as flowers, palms, suns. Read the good and the bad sides. The Good: There is nothing more beautiful, and relaxing than waking up in the early hours and going in the jog mode or a simple, laid-back walk around the beach. Mornings on the sea can be very cold, and there's nothing than the right, baby-colored hoodie that can start off a great day on vacation. They are very warm, and comfortable, and sitting on a cold sand in the morning in the hood can be a great way to relax yourself and make plans in your head. Additionally Hoodie serves like a great replacement for the jacket in case weather changes, and certainly takes less space in the luggage than the actual jacket. The Bad: Hoodies look very good, but there are some disappointing sides to it. Weather on the seaside is very hot, and tropic. The exotic nature simply isn't hoodie friendly. Yes, they are friendly for the morning, but the rest of the day would just cause you to sweat and feel miserable. You don't want that. Especially, because combining these in the tropic apparel can be a very difficult task if you don't have a large wardrobe.

Countryside Hoodies and Mountain Resorts

Hoodies feel more friendly in the milder areas of the world. Such as Countryside and Mountains. We're experiencing often season transitions from spring to winter, fall to winter and so on. People who don't feel comfortable about sweating and high degrees on the beach usually take trips to colder areas, and since hoodies are basically made to support us during the cold days, they are a perfect companion to talk about here. Let's see the good and the bad sides of the hoodies. The Good: It is most appreciated to go out on the fresh air to shop for the groceries you need, or feed the animals you take care of. Hoodies in different colors can make you look fashionable despite where you are. Choosing the right denim material can make your figure look stunning and trendy. When you're on the country side, you don't have to think too much about the clothes, but the right sweatshirt will make you stand out from the crowd, and make you feel like the most wanted person The Bad: There are not too many bad things to say about hoodies at this point. Just choose the right combination that won't make you look ridiculous, especially in such a natural ambient.

Hoodies for Camping Parties

Hoodies are the most essential part of camping parties. After you spend energy on setting up the tent, lighting up the fire you might find yourself quite cold. But there are always the good sides when you have a suitable hoodie for this kind of trip. Fashion doesn't matter too much if you've isolated yourself in the camping area, but being warm and convenient is the most essential part of being there. The Good: So, what to expect from the woods on the mountain air? Hoodies are perfect when you need to sleep but are too cold to wear your own paiyama. What you can do is, get a hoodie or two, especially those zip-up hoodies and provide safeguard from the cold weather. Try searching good-quality material, and also the one that has the wool stuffing inside, as wool is very important in adventerous days, especially in the colder areas. The Bad: Despite being amazingly, lightweight, warm and cozy, just a sweatshirt won't do. You have to bring additional equipment, perhaps hotter hoodies or winter jackets with faux fur and wool inside. You never know how cold it can get outside.