• Dec 17, 2016
  • by Karla V
In the real sense of the world, girls have different preferences with it comes to the traits of a man. Every lady has her own set of requirements as to the attributes of the guy she would want to marry. Even when dating, she makes sure she will not be going out with someone who does not meet her standard. But in terms of getting attracted to the opposite set, there is one common thing that wins over the heart of most girls – simplicity. This very reason makes most members of the female gender attracted to men wearing a T-shirt.  What girls find attractive in men wearing T-shirt? Let’s find out. 

Men Look Clean on a T-Shirt

It does not take a tailored suit for a guy to get well-groomed. By having a simple and neat T-shirt on, he will definitely draw the girl’s attention. A white T-shirt works best for men who want to achieve the impression of neatness. White simply personifies cleanliness.

T-shirt Makes Men Look Sexy

For some reasons, most guys look sexy with a T-shirt on. Based on studies, this illusion stems from the ability of the shirt to broaden the appearance of the shoulder and make the waist slimmer. It further emphasizes one's V-shaped figure which is really a head-turner.

It Emphasizes Modesty

While there are men who love bragging expensive suits and lavish tuxedos, there are men who do not mind looking less upscale with a simple shirt. Girls love guys who do not need to tell the world they are well-to-do. Unless circumstances require them to wear otherwise, putting on a T-shirt really underscores a guy’s simplicity.

T-Shirt is Remarkably Stylish

This type of clothing is timeless. It does not go out of fashion. If a guy knows how to arrive at a really nice T-shirt outfit, he will absolutely have the girls’ attention. A T-shirt makes a strong fashion statement provided it is worn with the right accessories and appropriate bottom apparel and footwear.

It Makes Looking Good Effortless

Given the shirt’s astonishing ability to bring out the natural beauty of a man, this article of clothing has a way to make its wearer stand out. One does not have to wear his one-million-dollar ensemble to look great. If the garment is of high-quality material, fits perfectly on one’s body and worn with confidence, a guy gets to effortlessly exhibit his assets.

Manly T-Shirt Outfits That Attract Women

Having been informed of the things that women love about men wearing a T-shirt, members of the male gender are surely planning on putting their shirt more frequently now. It is best not to wear T-shirt the same way every day. There should be a variety on how T-shirts are worn.  Nobody wants people having a prediction of what he would look like whenever he comes out. There should always be a sense of surprise to keep the girls interested. Here are some ideas on how to keep T-shirt outfits manly and attractive.

T-shirts Paired With Trousers

This style is a classic but remains a great weapon to look attractive and macho. Iconic characters James Dean and Marlon Brando were able to carry this wardrobe with such charisma. A plain white T-shirt which perfectly fits the body is necessary to achieve the desired look. This style creates an illusion of broad shoulder and slim waist which absolutely makes a man hot!

T-shirt Combined with Jacket

The best type of T-shirt to combine with a jacket is the crew neck. This style is also timeless but men can never go wrong with this ensemble. If a guy has toned muscles, wearing a slim fit crew neck shirt will look perfect. When going for this style, it is important to keep the t-shirt collar and the jacket collar symmetrical. The T-shirt combined with jacket outfit works well on any kind of occasion.

T-Shirt with Blazer

For a rather versatile look, men can add spice to their T-shirt with a blazer. If the weather is a bit warm, they can go for blazers made of linen. Prep up this style with comfortable bottoms like a pair of chinos. There is no need to make use of their best pair of shoes to brighten this ensemble. Comfortable and laid back footwear is enough to spruce it up.

Printed T-shirt Topped with Denim Jacket

This style is simple yet contemporary - just the way the modern guys love to be clothed in. Instead of wearing a plain T-shirt all the time, going for patterned ones from time to time makes a guy look interesting. Striped T-shirts are easy on the eyes, especially when paired with either a pair of chinos or ripped jeans. It's a comfy yet stylish getup that will surely sweep the ladies off their feet.

Extra Long T-Shirt Under a Jacket

Anything extraordinary draws attention. But this style is not just extraordinary - it is stylishly beautiful and modern. Long line T-shirts, like those worn by the Yeezy, make a strong fashion statement especially underneath a stylish jacket. This style is exceptionally trendy so any guy who plans on wearing it should have the right character to complete the look. There are many other ways to wear a T-shirt that can demonstrate conformity to the latest trend. If a guy truly wants to attract girls, he should exert a little effort to dress up smartly. Girls hate lousy clothing. They find guys who take the time to look decent and presentable more appealing. One does not have to pay an arm and a leg to look stylish. By simply knowing the right way to mix and match what’s inside his closet, a guy a come up with a number of ways to dress up. He should also know how to accessorize! It is imperative that all these T-shirt outfits are worn with the right attitude. Confidence is the heart of any ensemble. Without self-esteem, no matter how handsome one’s outfit gets, he will fail to look dazzling on it.