• Dec 11, 2016
  • by Karla V
So you have got yourself some hoodies but you are beginning to wonder why you rarely use them. You probably know the answer why but you just don't know how to work it out. It is clear you do not find your hoodies interesting anymore. Yeah, it sounds weird but you are not alone. Us, grown-up folks, are the ones who buy most of our clothes yet we find ourselves questioning our own taste after the purchase. Since you cannot do anything about what’s already done, focus on what you are capable of doing instead! Try to bring to life these dull-looking hoodies. Know how to spice up your hooded sweater outfits. Figure out the fashion accessories that go well with a hoodie. Your used-to-be-boring hoodie will suddenly become the apple of your eye. 

Six Fashion Accessories That Go Well With a Hoodie

Leather Skirt

A leather skirt is a great way to spice up your hoodie outfit. The length of the leather skirt depends on which one accentuates your asset. If your legs happen to be shapely and long, you might want to expose it with a mini skirt. A black leather skirt looks awesome with a light-colored hoodie! This outfit is perfect when paired with cool sneakers.

A Patterned Scarf

Any color of plain hoodie will surely get prettified with the use of a patterned scarf. This accessory is enough to brighten up your look. Make sure the design and color of the scarf complement that of your bottom clothes. There are various ways you can wear a scarf. You can try different methods to tie it and take your outfit up a notch. You can try on tying its ends to create a large loop, make it look like the infinity or make a bow out of it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to scarves. In fact, you can make use of it as a belt to somehow emphasize your figure while wearing a hoodie.


You need to have a great pair of boots to further smarten up your hoodie outfit. Whether you are planning on wearing shorts, skirt pants, everything will absolutely look glamorous with nice boots. You can have stacked boots or a dressy bootie if you want to go girly with your hoodie. A hoodie matched with a skirt or worn on top of a dress will surely look stunning with your boots on!

A Statement Necklace

Zip-up and pullover hoodies would look great if you wear a statement necklace. It may seem odd for something athletic-looking to be matched with a stylish necklace. But this tandem will take your hoodie outfit to a whole new level. Wear pleather pants with your hoodie and stilettos. Accessorize it with a fashionable necklace to neutralize the relaxed air the hoodie brings while eliciting the glamor of your bottoms.

Denim Jacket

Hoodies are not only meant for the cold weather. But when it gets really freezing, one great way to protect your body from the cold while keeping yourself in trend is adding up a jacket to your wardrobe. Wear a denim jacket on top of your hoodie. Pair it with skinny jeans and put on your sneaker for that fashionable, yet laid-back vibe.


Hoodies look great when you wear a beanie. It adds character to the outfit and also saves you from a bad hair day. A lot of fashionable beanies are now available. You can have it in different shapes, prints, and color. A simple hoodie and printed jeans make a great combination. With a nice hoodie on your head, you'll surely capture everyone's attention.

A Guide to Having the Perfect Hoodie

Having learned the accessories that go well with a hoodie, you will probably have more fun wearing this apparel. The next time you purchase a hoodie, consider the following tips so you'll get the most of your hooded sweater attire.


Different materials are used in manufacturing hoodies. In most cases, the outside material is different from the one inside. The most common type of fabrics used for the hoodies' outer part are cotton and fleece while the inner part is usually made up of either fur, fleece or cotton. These materials differ in terms of thickness and prices.


Just like any other articles of clothing, hoodies come in different styles. There are hoodies in athletic and feminine forms. Some are plaid and striped, while the others are in solid colors. Nowadays, hoodies with graphic images are also becoming a trend. Customized hoodies are cool items and they make a great piece for anyone to express himself. If you plan on having one, you'll enjoy the wide array of designs available in the market.

Your Body Type

The hoodie you should purchase is one that flatters your body type. For instance, your figure falls into the hourglass category. The size of your hips and shoulders is balanced and your waist is slim. Going for hoodies with low necklines will surely work wonders. The hem of the hoodie should fall somewhere below the hips. There are certainly hoodies that correspond to your body type. No matter if your shape is oval, pear or rectangle, you will find a hoodie that will give emphasis to your asset. The next time you set foot in a hoodie shop, you know which things you should concentrate on. You do not want your closet to be swamped by clothes you would not want to wear. Your hoodies do not have to be branded so long as you love how it looks on you and it does not defeat your purpose of wearing it then you are good to go. Do not forget to invest on accessories suitable when wearing a hoodie so you will get its full potential in making you look presentable and stylish. It does not take much to look good on a hoodie. Just wear it with the right attitude along with some accessories and you will surely stand out.