• Dec 09, 2016
  • by Karla V
Whether you just got into a new relationship or you and your loved one have been together for years and years already, it is always exciting to try on things you have never done together before. Have you thought about cute boyfriend girlfriend T-shirt ideas? If wearing couple shirts is one thing you have not given a shot before, why not attempt it this time around? After all, what's in there to be afraid of when you are doing it with your special someone? The couple shirt is one of this generation's hottest trends. These are a pair of matching shirts which two individuals wear at the same time. Couples who have romantic relationships or mutual understanding are usually the ones seen wearing couple T-shirts. But these can be worn by friends, mother and daughter, father and son, and whoever feels like wearing something similar or matching with the other person. 

5 Cute Boyfriend Girlfriend T-Shirt Ideas

Supposing this is just your first time and you lack idea as to which design you should go for, consider the following tips so you’ll make the most of your first-ever boyfriend girlfriend t-shirt.

'King and Queen'

The 'King and Queen' couple shirts make a beautiful design for first-time wearers of matching clothes. It looks absolutely romantic when you are seen together wearing these shirts. But if you have something else to go and your other half cannot accompany you, you will still look fashionable with the word 'King' or 'Queen' on your chest. Everybody knows that even if you are alone, you already have somebody out there you consider your 'Queen' or your 'King'. Your other half will absolutely appreciate this act of loyalty.

'I Love My Crazy Boyfriend, I Love My Crazy Girlfriend'

Everybody has his own weird character. It is always nice to have someone who accepts you entirely for whatever outlandish trait you possess. This 'I Love MY Crazy Boyfriend, I Love My Crazy Girlfriend' couple T-shirt demonstrates you are 100% for your partner. This is an evident manifestation that your you and your darling are deeply in love despite each other's imperfections.

Couple Shirts with Identical Designs

Actions speak louder than words. The same thing goes for couple shirts! You do not have to literally show you are a couple through the design of your clothes. By simply having couple shirts with identical designs, those around you will already recognize your connection. If you prefer this concept, it is best to pick a design that the two of you are fond of. It can be the logo of your favorite basketball team, or designs that have something to do with things that the two of you love doing together.

Together Since 20xx

The 'Together Since 20xx' will not miss the list of cute boyfriend girlfriend T-shirt ideas. This design is not only a reminder of how long the two of you have been together; it also challenges you to make your relationship stronger. Who knows? Maybe those around you are just waiting for you to break up? With this couple shirt design, you can tell the world you are moving forward with your sweetheart no matter what it takes. Isn't that sweet?

Funny Couple Shirt

Designs like 'I'm With Stupid', 'He is the Man, She is the Boss' and 'Mr. Right and Ms. Always Right' are funny boyfriend girlfriend T-shirt ideas that you should include on your shopping list. This design is a unique way to express your affection towards your partner. It is like saying that despite your differences, you choose to stick with each other. You also get to entertain those around you by wearing these lovers' shirts.

Three Things to Consider When Buying Boyfriend Girlfriend T-Shirts

When you buy couple shirts, do not do it on an impulse. You must keep an eye on its every detail to avoid having regrets afterward. This item is something that will remind you of your love until you have become husbands and wives. In case you do not end up together, it'll be nice to look back on your memories through the couple shirts you have once worn.


The above design ideas are just a few of thousands of couple shirt concepts you can choose from. If you are going to purchase couple shirts to surprise your other half, it's important that you are certain of the design that would please the person. Make sure you will not go for anything offensive or vulgar, especially if your partner is the conservative type. The color of the shirt is also a matter to consider. It must look good on the skin tone of both of you.

Loose or tight-fitting

These are the two types of T-shirt. It will not matter which among these types you will pick if your girlfriend or boyfriend is game to wear anything. But the problem will arise if you purchased one that your partner is not comfortable putting on. Before you choose between loose and tight-fitting shirts, try to observe on what your darling wears.


One of the things that make couple shirts a hit is the fact that it is comfortable. In general, people love wearing T-shirts because it makes moving easier. It is also more breathable compared to other articles of clothing. But you are not likely to get the most of this garment if you pick the wrong T-shirt material. Going for 100% cotton is strongly advised. This fabric is not only comfortable but also durable and remains in attractive condition even with frequent use. Couple shirts make a perfect gift for all occasions. It does not cost much but it is extravagant enough in terms of expressing your devotion to your dear companion. All you need is to come up with cute boyfriend girlfriend T-shirt designs and you’ll surely receive your partner’s sweetest smile. Don’t worry about not finding the perfect design that fits your rapport. The options are endless especially if you make use of your own creative juices and imagination.