• Dec 09, 2016
  • by Karla V
Hoodies and winter are the best combination ever. Because they are the warmest piece of apparel that will never go out of style, not even in a million years. Being a student, I am grateful and I totally appreciate having hoodie on me whenever I go to study in the cold library of my university. Better than better, they are pretty easy to combine with my favorite pieces from the wardrobe, and trust me I possess around 5-6 of them. People who like to wear oversized clothes adore hoodies. The reason is simple, even if somehow the hoodie won't be able to warm you up, you will still have something under you which provides safeguard from the cold air, and frigid temperature. Moreover, they are extremely easy to put on, and even easier to wash. However, we have to be very careful when we are choosing the hoodie. Choosing something that isn't made of appropriate material, or is stuffed with something very disturbing and uncomfortable may lead us into having unpleasant and annoying itches, or even worse - allergy reactions. That's why a choice of a cotton made, accompanied with polyester sweatshirt with hoodie is a good and sufficient choice that will give you comfort and prevent all the unnecessary reactions to your skin. Additionally, choosing a hoodie with a large, customizable hood is the right choice for everybody. We often find ourselves wearing coats or jackets that don't come with hood. During the winter, this is bad because upon mistake of forgetting umbrella, and wrong clothes set, we will often get ourselves wet if the rain or snow was to happen. Also, we can protect ourselves from the wind or hide wet and/or dirty hair from any unpleasant situation. At least this is why I enjoy the hoodies! Zip-up hooded sweaters are great as well. They allow us to expose our favorite shirts into viewing. Coming in the great variety of vibrant colors they are great to wear instead of jackets during the spring or even milder summers. They easily match, and some even come with a plushy material that just feels too cute upon touching. They are also quite enjoyable to have, and are more often seen than regular pullover hooded sweatshirts. Also, hitting the right matching combination is much easier to hit onto, because you can easily adjust zip-up hoodie. So, why do we love hoodies? Their popularity is increasing, and people are usually rushing after them at this time of the year. They have clear call to action in many activities, and are quite adjustable compared to the leading clothing ideas that are available on the fashion stage nowadays. So, what are the best combinations to go with hoodies? Answer is never easy, but here, in this post, we will suggest you some badass outfits that are must have, and must go with when it comes to the hoodies. Please, do keep reading this highly amusing article, and perhaps, you will feel the same like we do.

Denim Hoodie Combination for Teens

Denim is a perfect combination that goes for everything, so why don't we accompany the hoodie with this ultimate tag team? Denim was being worn for centuries, now from country parts it reached the most popular fashion events across the globe. I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy the smoothness of jeans and denim jackets that are extremely popular, especially in the teen combinations. Choosing the right jeans can be very hard task because we don't often know what color looks better on us, or what kind of model and/or shape will shape our body to look more perfect, more elegant. However, in good combination with hoodies, either jackets and jeans made of denim can make the best combination, the best team, the best trio. What makes it so good, is that it gives a reflection of a laid-back charm and effect that simply looks great in casual occasions. Especially with All Stars sneakers that are perfect for that kind of risk. Choosing Denim to pair with your hooded sweatshirt is never a mistake. It goes pretty well either during the day and during the night. Nobody likes people who expose too much. Our outfit shapes our personality and it gives a deeper picture about who we are and what we represent as humans. Do you think denim is a good idea to go with sweatshirt?

Hoodies and Skirts not gallant enough? Try again!

When we are wearing skirts, we have hard time choosing the right upper piece of apparel. Skirts are there to either shape our hips, waist and express longer and stunning legs. Choosing the right part can always be hard when it comes to expressing the figure. However, wearing skirt and hoodie might not be such a bad idea, especially if the skirt spreads as it lowers. Not all skirts have a role of being made for pure elegance and gallance, sometimes it is just enough to look sport like as well. Choose the best skirt you have and combine it with your favorite shirt and zip-up hoodie, trust me, you won't regret it.

Try some more! Get witty with sweat suits, tights and leggings

Like I mentioned above, girls love oversized sweaters. They give a stunning expression to your body in a shape of some sport like dress. But how about combining it with leggings and tights? It looks perfect, it expresses your leg, and protects your upper part. I always wear these when I go to a shop or to a gym. If I want to sweat a bit more, I keep wearing it, if not, I wrap it around my waist and use it as a great fashion detailed. There are million ways to combine hoodies, but this is my favorite after jeans. If you are not in gym you can always combine hoodies with winter shoes such as Kat or Timberland. Additionally combining and matching colors with some sweatpants will get you amazing combinations for sport occasions. They are wide and comfortable, and so are hoodies!