• Dec 23, 2016
  • by Karla V
Hoodie is a comfortable piece of clothing and this is a common knowledge. But do you know hoodies are also a trendsetter? If not, you are probably wearing your hoodies the wrong way. Although its chief function is to protect you from the cold weather, you can make the most of it by styling up. Don't make your hoodie something that would make you want to just slouch on your couch when you wear it. It has to be an interesting part of an ensemble. Something that would make you want to go out and show off what you're clothed in. Here are some tips on how to add swag to hoodies. 

Tips for Women and Women on How to Add Swag to Hoodies

For Work


There are conservative companies who are strict when it comes to their employees' dress code. But if yours happens to be cool with anything that makes you comfortable, as long as it still makes you look professional and presentable, then you can put on your hoodie for work. To give it the polished look that your boss desires, you can style your hoodie with layering. Wear it underneath your blazer and pair it with trousers. Tuck your hooded sweater in to accentuate your figure. Check if the fit of your trousers will go well with your hoodie. Once you have found the right match, wear your sleek pair of stiletto heels.


Make going to work more exciting by dressing up with hoodies. Men should not go for ill-fitting hoodies. It has to be snug and slim in a way that does not sacrifice comfort. Find a hoodie that brings out a beautiful silhouette of your shoulders. The best type of hoodie which you can use for work is one with the double layered hood compartment. it's a stylish piece that provides any ensemble an element of professionalism.

For the Party


If you are planning on going out on a lazy, cold evening, you can also sport your hoodie and be admired for your catchy attire. Make it happen by wearing an underdress. You can either match the color of your dress with your hoodie or go color blocking. Just make sure the colors you pick are not too bright or you'll completely ward off the simplicity of the hoodie.


A black leather jacket on top of your zip up or pull over hoodie is a great ensemble you can sport in a party. It's an edgy statement that can draw attention to your direction. You can go for the biker style if you want to heighten up your wardrobe's flair. Put on a thick leather jacket and pair it with your black hoodie. Wear a pair of black pants and wrap up the attire with your boots. It'll be hard to resist looking at you from head to toe with this getup.

For Undemanding Days


On days when you have no commitments, you can go rugged with your hoody. You'll get noticed if you wear it with your stylish outwear. To succeed in looking stylish with hoodies on your off-duty days, it is also important to pick the right pair of shoes. It's not only with heels that you can look stunning with a hoodie ensemble. A comfy pair of sneakers or trendy flats will absolutely complete the look.


A zip up hoodie on top of a white t-shirt is all you need to still look polished on an easygoing day. You can mix and match colors but make sure you don't go too bright. Layering with denim also works on a lazy day. Denim jacket in a light color lets you radiate a remarkable air of stylishness.

Buying Tips for Hoodie Shoppers

Hoodies are not only a great weapon on days when you need to be kept warm and dry. It's also a comfortable wear that adds flair to almost every kind of wardrobe. When purchasing hoodies, there are a wealth of choices you can delight in. But it's a must to know how to identify ones that are worth your hard earned money.

Size matters

Size absolutely matters when buying a hoodie. Yes, hoodies are for comfort but there are other things you must take into account other than that. Go for a hoodie that fits your body type. It should let you move around comfortably but it has to flatter your figure, as well.

Design That Represents Your Character

You don't go for any article of clothing with a design that you are not comfortable with. The style has to one that you love. It should be fitting to your personality and lifestyle. Don't purchase another item which you will just leave in your closet untouched for years.

Quality That Lasts

Design and fit are factors that will urge you to purchase a hoodie. But keep in mind that these details should only go after the quality of the garment. The fabric it's made of should feel comfortable when you wear it. Always check the fabric quality. It does not have to be the most expensive one on display. You can find affordable but high-quality hoodies if you really take the time to look for it. Everybody can add swag to their hoodie outfits. It’s just a matter of knowing what flatters your physical attributes. Don’t get tired looking for fashion ideas when you wear your hoodie. The items in your wardrobe are enough to perk up your hoodie look. You just have to be playful and open for improvement. Don’t fear to put on a new ensemble. Try something you have never worn. You’ll never know it’ll look good if you don’t try it!