• Nov 17, 2016
  • by Karla V
Hoodies - clothes that we just enjoy wearing. Whether we’re going on the road, for a walk, or go jogging, hoodies are just something that we must have in our closets. Not only that hoodies are perfect for comfort, but they have also become an important part of fashion. That being said, these celebrities prove that hoodies will never, ever, go out of style.

1. Rihanna

Rihana is certainly someone who knows how to get dressed for every occasion. What we love about her is that she manages to look stunning whether she’s wearing a fabulous red carpet dress or this casual hoodie. She proves that a hoodie is a very popular part of clothes that everyone should wear, especially on those days when you just want to take a break from your work and rest a little bit. They say that our clothes speak for ourselves and her clothes tell that she just knows how to relax and fully enjoy life. Combining classic jeans, a black shirt, and this cool-looking hoodie, she once again creates a recognizable style that shows her authenticity.

2. Blake Lively

Who says that a hoodie and heels can’t look stylish together? If any celebrity has an extraordinary style, that is definitely Blake Lively. Not only that she proves that hoodies can never be outdated, but she also proves that a hoodie is more than just a comfortable piece of clothes. Fabulous heels, a white dress, and a gray hoodie leave a powerful impression on everyone who thinks that fashion rules must be strictly followed. Blake Lively clearly doesn’t have a problem with exceeding fashion boundaries and dictating new trends while we don’t have problems following them. One is for sure, this lady’s style has become very popular all over the world, and it’s not surprising that she’s favorite among women who see fashion as a creative way to represent themselves.

3. Nicole Scherzinger

If you thought that high boots and a hoodie can’t be an explosive combination, we suggest looking at the photo above. Seriously, is there any hotter outfit than black high boots and a white hoodie that someone can wear? We think there isn’t. The second we saw Nicole wearing this comfortable piece of clothes, we realized that it can never be outdated. Dancing, or enjoying photo shooting - this diva knows how great she looks when she's wearing hoodies (or in any other occasion). Nicole's clothes just take our breath away. From beautiful dresses to a casual style, she always looks like a princess so it’s not surprising that we fall in love with her every time we see her. She’s well-known for her sexy, yet elegant style that shows how much is important to freely express ourselves.

4. Ian Somerhalder

We all know this hot-looking guy (or should we say a vampire) who enjoys wearing clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. And what better way to combine that than wearing this beautiful hoodie? Although most of us wear a hoodie when we're staying at our cozy homes, Ian reminds us that hoodies are just perfect for spending the afternoon outside, while playing with pets and enjoying nature. We can see how much he enjoys spending time with his lovely pet while feeling comfortable in this hoodie.

5. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson surely knows how to leave us speechless. Wearing this hoodie, he not only proves that hoodies are an essential part of a casual and sexy style, but he also gives us a new perspective on how to combine colors. He’s definitely a fan of this practical piece of clothes, and he doesn’t have a problem in admitting that.

6. Beyonce

Beyonce enjoys wearing unique and sexy clothes and how she wouldn’t when they fit her so perfectly? Like the simple combination of black and white isn’t enough to take our breath away, a shiny hoodie adds a sophisticated touch to this remarkable outfit. She proves that hoodies can never go out of style because she’s one of the celebrities who successfully dictates trends where the hoodies are more than welcomed. As always, Beyonce looks just stunning and she doesn’t even have to put much effort to achieve that. So far we’ve seen her in numerous outfits, all of which represent her love and passion towards fashion. From jeans to dresses, this lady really knows what a good style means. Moreover, she is bold enough to show us her creativity and take fashion to the next level.

7. Jessica Simpson

 What better way to enjoy a day off than walking the streets while wearing a warm and comfortable hoodie? It’s not a secret that Jessica Simpson is a passionate fan of hoodies. Her blonde hair, stylish glasses, and cool looking hoodie makes this outfit just perfect for the casual style. Once again, we get a chance to see that hoodies are perfect for everyday use when we have time to relax and fully enjoy the day.

8. Brad Pitt

This list wouldn't be complete without Bred Pitt. Although his casual style is recognizable, he manages to surprise us with this extraordinary yet simple outfit. Wearing this black hoodie, jeans, and glasses he really looks awesome. Moreover, his outfit is just a perfect combination of casual and mysterious. Looking at his serious outfit, we can say that hoodies are just perfect for any style so it’s not a surprise why men are inspired to dress like him. Brad Pitt proves that a hoodie is a must-have for this season.


As you can see, this article is about the celebrities who appreciate the comfort and practicality of hoodies and take the advantage of them. Whether they want to look stylish, elegant, or they just want to feel comfortable, they’re more than happy to wear hoodies whenever they have the opportunity. Why not follow their example and buy yourself a perfect hoodie that you will combine with other favorite pieces of your clothes?