• Nov 16, 2016
  • by Karla V
Hoodies - clothes which are recognizable for their practicality and versatility. Not only they are gladly used by dancers, players, athletes, but they’re also used as significant parts of fashion trends. But, how much do you really know about hoodies? Have you ever thought about why they become so popular? In case you want to find out interesting things and to widen your horizons, stay with us. This article reveals 8 amazing things you didn’t’ know about hoodies, and we’re sure that you’ll be amazed at these facts.

1. Raising awareness of Trayvon Martin case

Solidarity: Maimi Heat star LeBron James tweeted this photos of he and his teammates wearing hoodies to show their support[/caption] On February 26th, 2012, Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old boy, was shot to death by 28-year-old George Zimmerman. Since Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested, it’s not surprising that the case shook the world and celebrities joined to raise awareness of Trayvon Martin case. The hoodie, which Martin was wearing when he was shot, soon became a political statement for those who believed that Trayvon was targeted for being a black man. That a hoodie isn’t just a piece of clothes but rather a powerful way to symbolize discrimination, prove Jamie Foxx, P.Diddy, Boris Kodjoe and many other celebrities of sports, music, and films. Wearing hoodies, they took the pictures of themselves and joined the campaign, representing hoodies as a symbol of reminiscence for the 17-year-old boy. Among them also were LeBron James and his teammates who tweeted a photo in which they were wearing hoodies, showing their solidarity for this young boy’s case.

2. The significant part of fashion

Hoodies have become more than just comfortable pieces of clothes. Moreover, celebrities just enjoy wearing hoodies and setting new fashion trends, where these extraordinary pieces of clothes are just must-haves. From Rihanna that wears a hoodie when she wants to take a break and just walk down the streets, to Brad Pitt who loves wearing a hoodie because it gives a mysterious touch to his outfit, it’s clear that hoodies can be combined in different ways, creating elegant, casual, or sexy style. Women combine them with high heels, jeans, or even dresses while men combine them with jeans and glasses. Whatever the combination, hoodies just take our breath away.

3. The first hoodie in the USA

In the United States, 1930th modern style of hoodies, that we wear nowadays, was first produced by Champion. At first, they produced sweatshirts, but when they managed to sew thicker material, they started to produce these remarkable pieces of clothes. According to a former president at Champion, they added the hood to sweatshirts because that way the athletes and the laborers were protected from elements. Those employees who worked at cold temperatures needed clothes that would give them warmth and comfort, so the Champion saw an opportunity and took the advantage of it, creating exactly what they needed. We must say that they did a great job, creating a practical piece of clothes that would later become an essential and recognizable part of athletes' style.

4. When has the term “hoodie” been first used?

Although the first modern hoodie was produced in 1930th, it wasn't until the 1990s that this term has become widely used. The word “hood” came from the Anglo-Saxon word "hōd".

5. A hoodie became a must-have in high-schools

After Champion created perfect hoodies that athletes and other players wore in bad weather, the hoodies became enormously popular due to the fact that players gave them to their girlfriends. Since high schools have always been an excellent ground for fashion trends, we can see why hoodies became so popular among teenagers. Everyone loved the comfort and unique look of hoodies and wearing them, every teenager felt as a significant part of a group.

6. Hip-hop and hoodies

At the time when hip-hop culture was developing on the streets of some of the most popular American cities, we can see the importance of wearing hoodies among these artists. Whenever they practiced, they would wear hoodies, because they were practical. Without wasting their precious time on dressing, they can easily and quickly put hoodies on and take them off. Before hitting the floor, break-dancers enjoyed the warmth of hoodies, preparing themselves for a showtime. The second they would start dancing, the hoodies would be taken off, letting artists express their creativity. From this, we can clearly see why this useful piece of clothes became so popular among artists.

7. Graffiti Artists and hoodies

From 1970, hoodies were widely used by many types of artists, but the strongest connection can be seen between Graffiti artists and hoodies. Not only that they couldn’t imagine their lives without this handy piece of clothes, but hoodies also became symbols for those who had a unique style and wasn't quite accepted by the police. Marking up train cars and running from the police, would surely be a lot harder if they didn't wear hoodies. That being said, hoodies enabled them to keep their anonymity. Apart from that, Graffiti artists claimed they loved hoodies because they were practical and inexpensive.

8. Did you know this??

We all know that a robbery and a hoodie go hand in a hand, due to the practicality of hoodies.  We surely wouldn’t recognize someone’s face, when they wear the hood, right? Having that in mind, it doesn’t surprise us why many schools and nightclubs don’t allow wearing hoodies. By marking hoodies off their dress codes, both nightclubs and high schools helped in decreasing level of robbery. It seems like the practical part of hoodies sometimes isn’t so great. Hopefully, this article gave you new insights into the world of hoodies. Moreover, we hope that you enjoyed finding out these interesting facts, so now you can show them off to your friends. Whether they are symbols of discrimination or just parts of fashion trends, hoodies have become a recognizable part of our world and it seems to us that they will become even more popular.