• Nov 22, 2016
  • by Karla V
The transition from fall to winter can be very cold and bring the frigid temperatures before the time. The best way to protect ourselves from the bad weather that carries the rains and winds along is with hoodies. Why? The hoodies are very warm and cozy, and beyond everything, they are very comfortable. They are that convenient piece of apparel that goes with everything, that we can wear regardless of the situation or temperature, as long as it’s at least a bit under the average temperature. Hoodies come in different shapes and colors, but more importantly they come with interesting and funny prints that can make you very popular among your friends or colleagues, while keeping you warm and safeguard in the process.

Top 7 Best Hoodies for Geeks 2016

This article presents a compelling list of lovely hoodies and sweaters we decided to point out especially for the geeky audience. Sit tight, and scroll down through this rather intriguing article in order to find a hoodie that will look nice and all of that while keeping you warm in your further endeavors.

1. Legend of Zelda Hoodie

Are you a fan of Legend of Zelda? Many gamers are. Vast majority of them grew up following Link on his adventures.  This hoodie may look average but it's everything but that. It is made of a good-quality material that is meant to provide safeguard for it's users. It has a rich, creative print that takes breaths away and we're certainly sure that the one who wears will get a lot of positive, admirable compliments while wearing it. True fans of 'Legend of Zelda' would absolutely adore this hoodie and rely on the warmth, coziness and convenience it offers. It generally features sizes for everyone, and it fits good for any occassion starting from the various cons to ordinary days at school, work or grocery shopping. It will be perfect add on to your geeky collection.

2. DBZ Hoodie

This hoodie is perfect for every geek who likes to stay in shape and additionally brag about it. DBZ is one of the most popular anime series that helped shape the genre of action anime and every passionate fan would do anything to get this amazing piece of apparel. A durable print features text 'Training to beat Goku, or at least Krillin" refferring to the main character of the series but also the weakest one. It is warm, cozy and convenient for every occasion. Just like the last one it is very good-quality made, and the hoodie is just as good to protect from the rain. This is definitely one of the best hoodies for geeks.

3. Unisex Hoodie for all Anime Fans

This one is my favorite. Perhaps because I'm an anime fan that is a girl. Anime fans often get misunderstood by the public, and this hoodie will definitely strengthen their geeky existence. This is the right choice hoodie. It's comfortable, it's warm and very relaxing. It comes in more colors than just black, which is good for everyone who can't decide what color would feel the best on their body. This hoodie is good for everyone that would like to get admired and complimented on geeky gatherings but also wear them on more laid-back events that don't come with the great audience.

4. Captain America Hoodie

Do you like comics? How about Marvel's comics? This Captain America zip-up hoodie is just amazing for all the fans. Who wouldn't like to feel absolutely heroic and marvelous in public? This hoodie is very vibrant, and color-rich. It has everything an average Marvel- especially Captain America Fan would like to have. Who wouldn't like to feel like a super hero in this hoodie? It goes with everything and it offers large variety of combinations to wear. It even has a Captain America sign on the chest everyone will admire. The best thing about this hoodie is that it is a zip-up kind of a hoodie, which allows us to zip it and unzip it according to our liking.


Do you like to read? Do you find comfort in natural subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, Science? If you're one of the people who likes to get lost with the numbers, functions, variables, experiments or amazing facts about our universe and further then this hoodie is for you. Despite coming in the black color, its simple print that says 'NERD I prefer the Term Intellectual Badass' is quite inspiring and encouraging everyone who is being picked on for being into nerdy things. For everyone who would like to relax in the library, go out with friends, show off at school, this hoodie is perfect. Furthermore, it will protect you during the cold, rainy days, windy days or even snow. Keeping yourself warm during the winter days is of utmost importance for everyone, and looking good in the process seems like a good idea.


Another very brave and nice hoodie for all those that are devoted to the science. Who wouldn't be? It offers a lot of fun for those who like it. It has a lovely color, a nice, memorable print and more importantly, it has a good, large hood that is very easy to tighten. It is made out of a warm, yet soft material that will keep you warm during the cold weather. It is easy to wash, and even easier to dry. It offers convenience, coziness, durability and reliability, especially because it looks good on everybody.


Last, but not the least. Have you chosen your side yet? New Star Wars movie will come out soon and all fans of it should not forget that a good and trendy apparel matters on the premiere. You don't want to appear lousy. Just like the last one, this hoodie has a large hood and it is made of a cozy, fine material that will keep you warm. If you're a dad, even better, let everyone know how good you are in this role, because this is exactly what this print is trying to say. Which one is your favorite? Let us know.